CR Ocean Engineering, LLC

CR Ocean Engineering (CROE) LLC formed for the specific purpose of bringing those resources to bear on the challenge of exhaust gas emission control at sea.

With roots dating back to 1917 and experience which includes more than 24,000 landbased scrubbers, CROE is one of the most respected and experienced air pollution control companies in the world.

Owners contemplating exhaust gas scrubbing as an alternative to distillate fuel are typically confronted by the divergent interests of engine manufacturers, consultants, marine architects and others, most lacking the depth of technology experience necessary to assure a seamless transition during the process of compliance. CR Ocean Engineering LLC’s expertise lies in the technology that is at the heart of any effective exhaust gas cleaning system and their goal is to guide owners to the most efficient and economical solution to MARPOL compliance.

CR Ocean Engineering LLC offers its proven exhaust gas scrubbing technology as an economic alternative to the high priced low sulfur fuel. Their systems provide the necessary reliability and the assurance of meeting the 0.1% Sulfur fuel equivalency when burning high-sulfur lower cost fuels.

CR Ocean Engineering exhaust gas scrubbing technology is ideal for cruise ships, ferries, bulk carriers, containerships, RoRo and others.

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