No matter whether on board or onshore: HEROSE is your partner when it comes to storing, and transporting Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

For this purpose, HEROSE offer the full range of cryogenic valves for LNG fuelled vessels that can easily be operated in Emission Control Areas (ECAs) in the future. Onshore, HEROSE equip small-scale LNG terminals and LNG satellite stations with their valves. In all areas HEROSE contribute to the preservation of the environment and major waterways.

With more than 140 years experience in the development, manufacture and sale of valves with a high level of innovation and modern production with certified quality management, HEROSE is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers for fittings and safety valves for cryogenic technology, valves for small-scale LNG applications, safety valves for general industrial applications and special fittings for oil-cooled transformers.

Please visit them at www.small-scale-LNG.net and www.herose.com.